‘Don’t ever get tired of reading.’


Starting from April this year, I started making monthly books-to-read topic plans. I will focus on reading books on certain topics every month. I drew up a table with the month of the year on one side and the topics on the other side, from April to December. If I will be disciplined and persistent enough in following this plan, my information and knowledge bank will be so well-rounded and colorful! I’ll be able to cover a lot of very good topics within a year. I will still be reading books that cover other areas, as need arises.


It's good to read books that are related to your purpose and desires 

but it's wise to also read books that  have unrelated but important knowledge. 

There is so much to know.



This month I’ll be trained in how to manage finances and I’ll be challenged to ‘lead’. I have over 20 books lined up that focus on these topics (I don’t intend to read all of them though hahaha). On leadership, most of the books are by Myles Munroe and John C. Maxwell. Under finances there are a couple of sub-topics like tithing, sowing, investing,budgeting,saving…so there are obviously several authors. I’ll read two books by Oral Roberts that emphasize on sowing, seed faith and the like. Some of the other authors on finances are Kenneth E. Hagin, David Mallonee and Gloria Copeland.

Things I eagerly want to know about:

  1. How to invest and use money wisely
  2. How to be a good leader
  3. Financial stability
  4. Managing resources
  5. Purpose and power of tithing (plus the right way of doing it)
  6. The principle of ‘sowing and reaping’

Cheers to leadership and finances!






A blank canvas.

I did not think I needed  one. Well, not as bad as I did.


The canvas of my life had too many unwanted sketches painted on it already. Some color combinations were too harsh to the eyes, others were just too ugly to look at. There were a few beautiful patches of color that I could stare at for days. Such breathtaking color mixes!

But I did not choose the colors. They were handed to me. I was not forced to use the colors that I used or paint in the ways that I did. Rather, I failed to make the decisions for myself. I had no plan. I did not know how I wanted the painting to look like. I should have said no to some of the colors. I should have come up with carefully thought-out designs. But I did not.

I used everything that was handed to me. I entertained every suggestion.

Then came a rush of dissatisfaction. It tortured me for a very long time. It went with me to bed, growled in my dreams and got up with me at sunrise. I yearned for a painting of my life that I would be proud of. Am not talking about a perfect painting but one of GREATNESS, GLORY and PURPOSE. One painted with INSPIRATION, WISDOM and PASSION.

2016 trained me. 2017 gave me the canvas. It gave me the push. Now am on my way!

Now am painting my life’s canvas. Better choices come from a renewed mind, so I’ll be posting about all the books  I’ll come across along the way, how I’ll be applying the wisdom from them, and the fruits of such wisdom. I’ll also post words from so many other sources other than books. Above all, I’ll post about the amazing revelations from my favorite book, the Bible.

This is the journey.